Mechanics in Greece and in Poland

What is the demand for mechanics?

The demand for mechanics is very high in both countries. In Greece no education is required and in Poland on the countary!

What are the basics differences between Polish or Greek mechanic?

Polish mechanics

Mechanics in Poland usually have better education, the services of Polish mechanics are more expensive than Greek ones, Polish mechanics are more book-like in performing repairs and maintain greater cleanliness and sterility of the work performed

Greek mechanics

Greek mechanics usually do not have book knowledge but learn by working, they are cheaper than Polish mechanics, but unfortunately the quality is also lower repairs they perform

Where better to work? In Greece or in Poland

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According to local sources, it is worth working as a Polish mechanic

In Poland, mechanics is more developed, earnings in both countries are high, but in terms of earnings, Poland wins. To sum up, a Polish mechanic has better working conditions and remuneration

In Greece, a frequently used method for promoting your business are posters and banners. This is also the case in Poland popular way but more often promoting the company moves to the media social media such as: facebook or instagram, in Greece it is less popular way for the sake of difficult access to them

How to promote yours workshop in Poland a Greece?

To sum up, the work of a mechanic is very much needed in both countries. Thanks to this brochure, you now know how this job differs in both countries.

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